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Other Synagogue Committees

Adult Jewish Learning – There are many programs scheduled throughout the year to enhance our learning experiences. We offer a variety of courses scheduled throughout the fall and spring semesters and monthly lunch and learns as well as other special programming. Contact: Charles Gleich, [email protected].

Adath Israel Singers – Our congregation loves to sing rather than be sung to. That was the idea when we formed the Adath Israel Singers many years ago – a congregational singing group rather than a formal choir. Visitors to our services often remark what a wonderful “singing” congregation we have. It is largely due to the AI Singers who lead from the ranks as it were, providing the harmony and depth to the congregation’s melody. 

Over the years we have amassed a very large repertoire ranging from the purely liturgical numbers to Yiddish songs, Holiday and secular Israeli music and even non-Jewish music. In fact we will sing anything we can handle. Front and center at Purim, Chanukah and other joyous events, we are discretely in the background at other times.

Come and join us at a Sunday morning rehearsal and then enhance our Shabbat services with your voice and enthusiasm. Contact: Joel Kutner at [email protected].

Legacy – Legacy Society sustains a tradition of vital importance by ensuring the future growth and welfare of Adath Israel. As a member, you can choose to make gifts of lasting value by choosing to make a bequest to Adath Israel in your will, creating a legacy of tzedakah that will live on once you are gone. Leaving a Legacy through Planned Giving at Adath Israel is ultimately a statement of support for Adath Israel’s bright future.
Your Legacy:

  • is easy to set up;
  • does not affect current cash flow;
  • may include a variety funding sources;
  • provides the ability to designate what your funds will support;
  • is deductible for estate tax purposes; and
  • will be recognized if you so desire.

To learn how you can become a Legacy Society Member or to receive a Statement of Intent, please contact Lauren Marks-Cabanas, [email protected] or 610-934-1903.

Ida S. Mandell Memorial Concert – Held in May, the Mandell Memorial Concert is the premier program of our year. This, along with our High Holiday appeal is our major fundraising event. We have had top performers, speakers and notable leaders grace our stage from Itzhak Perlman, Benjamin Netanyahu to Richard Lewis. Join us as a dinner or dessert sponsor or purchase a ticket to the concert. There are opportunities for everyone to attend. Contact varies from year to year.

Marketing – The Adath Israel Marketing Committee is made up of volunteers and lay leaders. The focus and mission of this cohesive group is to offer sound, relevant and compelling communications solutions — including Website development and refinement — to the many and varied marketing needs of other committees and events throughout our congregation and community.

We at Adath Israel brand champions while making every effort to be results oriented, creative and lighthearted. We embrace an open door policy at our monthly Marketing Committee meetings, inviting any other Co-Chairs or Project/Event Managers to join us in a forum that fosters brainstorming, solutions or, at least, a running start in developing effective marketing strategies and tactics to meet their needs.

Membership – Our Membership Committee reaches out to potential members and welcomes new members in person to ensure that they feel the warmth of our shul. If you are interested in helping us grow and prosper as a community, please feel free to contact Beth Schonberger at [email protected] or [email protected].

Ritual – The Ritual Committee, a diverse group that is representative of the congregation, works closely with our clergy to review the congregation’s spiritual needs as well as religious programs and services, including Shabbat, daily minyanim and holiday observances. Members work with the clergy to recommend policy, manage procedures, discuss questions of Halachah, educate, encourage participation and work to involve our members and youth in the religious life of Adath Israel and the community. For more information, please contact Mitchell Shore or David Raizen.