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Meet the Members

"Meet the Members" is a passion project from Cohort Bet of Adath Israel's Na'aseh v'Nishma leadership initiative and seeks to provide a face to ongoing synagogue programs. 

At least once per month, a profile of a member and the Adath Israel program in which they participate will added to this page. Profiles are also featured on the Adath Israel Facebook page and in our weekly "What's Nu?" e-mail blast. We encourage everyone to introduce themselves to featured members and learn more!

November 2018: Jeff Marmon & the Adath Israel Minyan

If you’ve spent time around the shul in the early mornings or on Shabbat, you might recognize Jeff.  While he might not be one of the Guardians of the Galaxy, he certainly serves as one of the Keepers of our Community.  An early riser, Jeff is usually found leading Birchot Hashachar and P’sukei D’Zimra (morning blessings and psalms) during the morning minyan.  He can also be found around the sanctuary on Shabbat, serving as an usher, handing out source sheets for the rabbis, and providing gentle reminders to younger participants about the hazards of texting while davening.

Jeff says he participates in the daily minyan in part to “do something good for someone else.”  Making a minyan to enable others to say kaddish is an important and meaningful aspect of Judaism for him.  He believes in keeping Jewish traditions – walking the walk so that he can talk the talk.  He is a man of humility and with a lev tov, a good heart.

Other interests?  Jeff is an athlete, coach, and referee.  Tennis is his main sport, having coached at the high school and college level for 39 seasons, but he has also been a basketball ref and a baseball umpire. Strike up a conversation with him and learn more – you won’t regret it!

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