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Early Childhood Learning Center

Happy Purim from our ECLC teachers and staff!
ECLC Fundraiser - Mabel's Labels
We are excited to announce a new fundraiser that will help support our playground improvement project!  We have partnered with Mabel's Labels so that when you shop there a portion of your sale will go to support the ECLC!
Here's how you shop:
2: Select "Support a Fundraiser"
3: Search for Adath Israel - Early Childhood Learning Center PTO
4: Click "Let's Get Shopping!" and Shop as Usual
1: Shop as Usual
2: At the checkout window select "Support a Fundraiser"
3: Search for Adath Israel - Early Childhood Learning Center PTO

The Early Childhood Learning Center at Adath Israel is a special place for fun, socialization and skill development for the young child. Every child is encouraged to explore, create, share, and learn at their own pace. Integrated into our program is the development of the child’s awareness of our Jewish heritage and values.

We believe that each child is unique and capable with infinite potential. Learning is hands-on and our commitment to academic excellence and ethical development will help each child to grow cognitively and spiritually.

We hope to teach that it doesn't matter how little you are, you have BIG things to offer! 

Adath Israel ECLC is an equal opportunity care provider. 

Toddlers And Twos 

We offer programming for children starting at ten months old. These groups provide Toddlers and Twos with the opportunity to form relationships with other children and with their teachers and to acquaint them with the ECLC experience. We give significant attention to easing the transition from a home environment to a school setting. We offer an introduction to Jewish life through ritual, music, language and holiday celebrations. 


The stimulating curriculum in the ECLC is designed for the total development of each child’s physical, cognitive, social, emotional, and spiritual growth and provides valuable learning experiences. Our teaching is based on the belief in Developmentally Appropriate Practices and draws on the philosophy of Emergent Curriculum and reflective teaching. Play is considered an integral part of the curriculum that leads to higher level learning. Empathy for others and acceptance of differences are taught as essential to our culture. The children will participate in weekly Hebrew classes.

Pre-Kindergarten (Fours)

Our Pre-Kindergarten classes offer a curriculum for those children who will be in Kindergarten the following year. Much of the learning revolves around investigations that incorporate all areas of learning: art, music, language skills, social studies, and science and number concepts. Children are also exposed to the everyday use of the Hebrew language and Jewish studies.

Full-Day Kindergarten Highlights:

In our full-day program, students will become Time Travelers.  We will build a time capsule that will include explorations from the Stone Age to the Computer Age.  We will go on voyages of discovery from Marco Polo to Columbus to Space Travel.  Woven throughout these units will be a discussion about how the Jewish Culture and Traditions have and continue to influence the evolving world. 

The most current and “cutting edge” math and reading series are incorporated in our academically challenging program.  These foster creative and divergent thinkers.  We will provide your child with academic rigor.  The Kindergartners will engage in a multitude of balanced literacy activities that are designed to strengthen their reading and writing skills.  The Literature Unit will cover Greek Mythology, Roman Architecture and Art History.  Math facts and conceptual understanding will be developed through the Mathematics Program.  The children will learn to describe their mathematical thinking and problem solving strategies.

The Science units will be hands-on.  The children will make sun dials, water wheels and 3 dimensional maps.  Investigations will provide fun learning hands-on experiences for the children.  

Kindergarten Enrichment

For children enrolled in afternoon Kindergarten in local schools. Children will participate in a wide variety of fun-filled educational activities including Hebrew instruction and Jewish programming with their friends.

ECLC Special Weekly Programming

  • Music
  • Yoga
  • Gardening
  • Science
  • Handwriting Without Tears Program
  • Hebrew Instruction
Tue, February 27 2024 18 Adar I 5784