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gabbai is a person responsible for calling congregants up to the Bima to chant blessings before and after the reading of each passage from the Torah. An aliyah is the Hebrew term referring to the honor in which congregants ascend to the platform where the Torah is read.  Additionally, a gabbai stands on each side of the Torah reader to follow along during the reading  to correct any errors made by the reader.  


Ushers are volunteers who assist congregants during services.  They also coordinate the flow of participants during the section of the service when the Torah is read.  Congregants can be honored with taking the Torah out of the Ark, receiving an aliyah, lifting and wrapping the Torah, and returning the Torah to the Ark.  

Interested in being a Gabbai or an Usher? Please contact Marcus Besser or Mitchell Shore.

Ritual Committee 

The Ritual Committee, a diverse group that is representative of the congregation, works closely with our clergy to review the congregation’s spiritual needs as well as religious programs and services, including Shabbat, daily minyanim, and holiday observances. Members work with the clergy to recommend policy, manage procedures, discuss questions of Halahah, educate, encourage participation and work to involve our members and youth in the religious life of Adath Israel and the community.  

Torah/Haftarah Readers 

Torah and Haftarah readers are individuals skilled in reading and chanting the Torah and supplemental readings (Haftarah). The readings have specific rhythms and tones associated with them to enhance their spirituality  and meaning (cantillations).  For more information, please contact Marcia Schulman.

Want to sign up for a specific reading? Click here to enter our online Sign-Up! 


1. Click the link above. 

2. Click on the search button in the top right corner

3. Click on "Find a sign up."

4. Enter: (that's how you get into the Adath Israel section), which will bring up a list of active Adath Israel sign ups.

5. Click on the date you would like to read, which will bring up a list of portions for that date.

6. Sign up for whichever Torah portion/s or Haftarah are still open.

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