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Makom Religious School K-7

Here at Adath Israel, teachers and students together are creating an environment for learning that is dramatically changing the nature of afterschool religious educational experience. Through the use of an innovative curriculum and teaching strategies, Adath Israel has altered the ways our children are being taught and engaged.

At Makom, our children experience Judaism alive with ruach (spirit). Through experiential teaching methods, reflective discussions, student-centered activities, and community-building programs, our program promotes lifelong learning and spiritual and education growth. We emphasize meaningful, value-based, real-time learning for our students.

Makom has changed the religious school experience, where traditional and progressive teaching methods intersect, creating a comfortable learning space for all students. Each school day, we meet with our Rabbis for a fun, technology-enhanced service. For each Jewish holiday, we have a special community program which provides our students with hands-on exposure to the holiday's traditions and values.

We teach Hebrew by levels. Students in 4th through 6th grade are divided by their level of knowledge and learn to read and comprehend modern Hebrew with students from other classes.

Twice per year, the whole school has the opportunity to experience a Mitzvah Day. On these days, we collaborate with different organizations and each student gets to do a Mitzvah.

Each year, Makom students have the opportunity to learn about different Midot (virtues) through various activities. During the 2019-20 school year, we will build new relationships with older Adath Israel members through combined activities.

Learning Hebrew

Learning Hebrew

The MAKOM Mission Statement

At Adath Israel, our educational vision is to foster a community where Judaism is meaningful to each person, which links generation to generation, and leads to lifelong learning and Jewish living.

Our mission is to provide diverse Jewish educational experiences for families and individuals of all ages, according to the views of Conservative Judaism as they relate to Torah and Mitzvot, prayer, the Hebrew language, the people and State of Israel and relationships between people and with God.

Some of the central values that we strive to promote are:

Kevod Habriot / Menschlichkeit – cultivate respect and care for oneself and others by participating in acts of:

Tikkun Olam (repairing the world)

Tzedakah (acts of giving)

Gemilut Hasadim (acts of kindness)

Talmud Torah – to instill a love of Jewish learning and to aid in the development of skills for full synagogue participation and Jewish practice.

Sh’mirat Mitzvot – to encourage the observance of mitzvot through which a sense of God’s presence is cultivated in our lives and in the world.

K’lal Yisrael – to cultivate an ever-deepening connection and commitment to Israel and Jews throughout the world.

Using tablets to practice Hebrew reading

Using tablets to practice Hebrew reading

Sun, October 24 2021 18 Cheshvan 5782