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Makom Curriculum at a Glance

Here at Makom, we are constantly reevaluating our curriculum, coming up with the best teaching methods to engage our students in the learning process and make this precious time valuable and relevant to their lives.

Hebrew Language - עברית

Hebrew language is an essential part of Makom daily life. We teach reading and writing from early on, starting with recognition of the letters and then learning to read and write. We also sing, dance, use routine vocabulary, play games, and pray in Hebrew. The students have an opportunity to see and hear Modern Hebrew in addition to Biblical Hebrew and prayers. Grades 4-6 learn Hebrew by level. They are split into multi-age groups and enjoy the opportunity to learn with new friends at their skill level.

Prayers תפילה

Each day in Makom, our students get together with our Rabbis for 30 minutes of Tefillah time. On Saturday, this takes place as part of the morning service; on Sunday, it is part of Havdalah; and on Wednesday, we hold an afternoon or evening service. On Sunday and Wednesday, we often use a TV screen to make it easier for the students to follow along with the prayers and to increase their comprehension by adding pictures to the text. We also use Siddurim.

During these services, students sit in mixed groups, and older students help younger ones. The students develop a prayer vocabulary to help them understand what they are saying, and they get the opportunity to lead prayers and increase their confidence on the Bima leading up to their Bar or Bat Mitzvah. Our goal is for students to feel comfortable on the Bima, be familiar with the Siddur, and  understand the significance of praying together as a community. Each grade gets to learn and lead a service during the year.

Holidays - חגים

Holidays are an important part of our Jewish calendar. Every grade learns about the coming holiday according to their age and theme of the year. We love cooking and baking for the holidays, celebrating through a variety of experiential activities, singing songs, and making art.

Jewish History and Israel - יהודית  וישראל היסטוריה

We teach Jewish History through the holidays, Zionism, the Holocaust, and Modern Israel. Israel as a country is present throughout the year in many different ways at Makom, including learning specific subjects, pictures, special presentations,  and Tzedaka projects.

Torah - תורה

Every grade gets to learn Torah. In the early years, the students learn Torah stories. Later on, they learn about the Prophets and then the weekly portions. We teach Torah stories by relating the stories to the students’ lives and answering the questions: what can we learn from this story? What do I think about it? How can I take this text and apply it to today?

Family and Community - משפחה  וקהילה

Being part of our Makom community means being part of bigger community as Adath Israel, the Jewish people and the world. We immerse our students in many different ways to care for others and for the world. Through many programs, we emphasize the importance of performing Mitzvot, being good citizens, taking responsibility, become leaders and more. We engage our families in the learning process of their children through workshops, celebrations, Mitzvot and discussions. As a community we are working hard to include the Jewish day school students that do not go to Makom in all the special programs we have. We would like to see all parents getting involved in Makom through volunteering during the year in different opportunities. Our Education Committee is an active group of parents that meets on a regular basis to think of new ideas, and help planning the year.

Thu, January 27 2022 25 Shevat 5782