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Prepping for Passover

Fill out THIS FORM to sell your chametz. Please complete the form before noon on Monday, April 3, 2023.


To view our 2023 Pesach Guide, click HERE.

To view the Rabbincal Assembly's 2023 Pesach Guide, click HERE.


Passover Service Schedule: April 5-13, 2023

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Home Seder Resources Here

There are going to be so many seder resources here!  We are just getting started!

  • PDF:  A Different Night Haggadah (Used at Adath Israel Community Seders)
  • PDF:  Haggadah with Activities for Kids (PDF File)
  • PDF:  Superman and Moses - The Story of Moses, in the format of a classic comic book!
  • Video:  Seder:  The "Order" of the Seder with Hand Motions with Rabbi Eric Yanoff
  • Video: Seder: Finding Ourselves in the Passover Story with Rabbi Andy Markowitz
  • Video: Seder: Four Questions or Four Answers with Rabbi Andy Markowitz
  • Website:  Make Your Own Haggadah
  • Website:  Compilations:  Planning a Child-Friendly Seder
  • Website:  Article: Passover Seders with Kids 
  • Website: Article:  11 Ways to Make the Passover Seder Fun for Kids
  • Website: Game: Passover Jeopardy by Rabbi Andy Markowitz

Resources for Adults to Prepare

  • Video:  Rabbi Eric Yanoff's Take on The Four Children in the Age of Corona (what do we say to our kids?)
  • Google Doc:  A Different Pesach: Ideas for the Solo Seder

2021 Updates

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